Selling through STOCKED is the easiest way to move your new and lightly worn sneakers, Hype products, Accessories and Apparel for money, by following some simple and easy steps. Our network across Cyprus allows us to sell-thru your product faster than any independent across the island at the most competitive prices. 

If you are ready to sell please follow the below steps:

  1. Contact us at, providing information on the sneakers, accessories or apparel you want to sell. 

  2. Please include size, product code and name. 

  3. Please provide desired cash amount you are looking for. 

  4. Provide the following photos:

    • Box (if you still have it) top, bottom and sides. 

    • Both shoes with photos of the sole, tags, laces and sides.

    • Product photos from all angles.   

  5. Once  we receive the above information, we process and verify your products' authenticity. If approved we will provide you with a drop off location to send/deliver your shoes to be listed on STOCKED online store.

  6. When your shoe sells, we will notify you so we can send you your money! 

*Stocked Consignment is offered at an 17% commission basis. 

*If seller no longer want sneakers to be featured on our platform 24hour notice is required and all shipping cost associated with returning the product will be at the sellers expense. 

If you have questions on Consignment please feel free to reach out to us through and we can explain more.